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Four-Year International Automobile College Program of Mechanical Engineering

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4-year Automobile International Student Industry-Academia Collaboration Program
Mechanical Engineering Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) currently has 44 full-time faculty members composed of 15 Professors, 22 Associate Professors, 6 Assistant Professors, and 1 Professional Lecturers, of which 43 are Ph.D. holders, and are experienced practitioners with licenses. Our faculty members are very actively participates in national competitions and have received more than hundreds awards annually for 3 consecutive years including several grand awards.

  • Partner enterprise:
    Carch Land - The Company was established on 1975 as a tire shop in the beginning. From 1984~1999, it expanded to an auto parts and accessories store and quick service center. Now they have 6 stores and 3 place some of its share for sale on the stock market. ( ).
  • Resources provided by the partner enterprise:
  • Provide the students internship opportunities and hire the outstanding graduates as full-time employees.

Following the education goals of Mechanical Engineering Department, the specific education objective of this program is to equip students with international perspectives, language capability, and automobile maintenance skills to fulfill their responsibility in their careers.

This International automobile maintenance program integrates the teaching resources in Dept. ME and other related departments. The courses are taught by selected specialists from the ME academic faculty roster. All of them have excellent performance in teaching, academic research, and industrial projects. The number of credits for graduation is 135, which includes:

  • 32 credits in fundamental & general education: including Spoken Chinese, Technical English, Workplace English, and English Training Course.
  • 55 credits in ME and automobile core courses: Introduction to Vehicle engineering, Electric Circuits, Engineering Mathematics, Chassis Engineering, Dynamics, and Vehicle Electronics, Internal Combustion Engine, Automatic Control, Thermodynamics, and Workshop Practices, etc.
  • 48 internship credits: including 42 in-term practical internship and 6 summer term internship in the partner enterprise.

As of the language requirement for application, applicants should meet the following standard:IELTS 3.0+, TOEFL-iBT 30+,TOEIC 350+, or equivalent. The program will hire an assistant that is familiar with the Vietnamese mother tongue to reduce the learning and language barriers of the students. At the beginning of the program, there would be beginner’s Chinese conversation, Technical English, and Workplace English classes, to cultivate the Chinese and English skills of the students. For those who want to experience a wonderful college live, learn automobile related knowledge and make an automobile maintenance internship in Taiwan, the International automobile maintenance program in ME, STUST is your best choice. You are welcome to join our international community.