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Brief History

As a national political consultant in the pre-presidential palace, Mr. San-lian Wu responded to the government’s encouragement to private representatives to establish a school to help develop professionals for industry and business. He invited the enthusiastic local academics Wen-Ping Hsin, Xiu-qi Wu, and Li-tang Chang to donate funds to establish a first-class school. Since our humble beginnings STUST has grown from a junior college of engineering to an institute of technology to our current standing as a university of technology.
Chronicles of STUST
  • 2012:  Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST)
  • 2007:  Southern Taiwan University (STUT)
  • 2002:  Doctoral Programs Established
  • 2000:  Graduate Schools Established
  • 1999:  Southern Taiwan University of Technology (STUT)
  • 1996:  Nan-Tai Institute of Technology (NTIT)
  • 1990:  Nan-Tai Junior College of Engineering and Business
  • 1982:  Night School Established (presently known as Extension Education Section)
  • 1969:  Nan-Tai Junior College of Engineering