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In August of 1990, our school changed its name to Nan-Tai Junior College of Engineering and Business. In the same year, our student activity center held a school emblem design competition open to the public. Finally, on September 28th, we adopted the design of Ming Chuan University student, Xiang-Qi Lin, as our new school emblem.

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology's educational policies and goals are clearly illustrated in our school emblem
  • The hexagonal shape on the left is a screw that represents the Colleges of Engineering and Digital Design, being blue symbolizes the steadiness and purity of these two colleges.

  • The round shape on the right is a coin representing the Colleges of Business and Humanities. The color red represents the warm friendship and lively activities of these two colleges

  • The overlapping part represents the close cooperation among all areas of the university.

  • The center shape is a Chinese taichi symbol representing the blending of the humanities with science and technology education which leads to the great power of continual improvement.