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  1. Question:
    I plan to apply as an international student with scholarship. What else should I bring in terms of living, commodities, etc.?
    Please visit university website to learn more about it:
  2. Question:
    If I do not know Chinese, what English-taught programs are offered for international students?
    Up to 2014, we have total 8 English-taught degree programs: Department of Mechanical Engineering (M.S.); Department of Electrical Engineering (M.S./Ph.D.), Graduate Institute of Mechatronic Science and Technology (Ph.D.); International Business (BBA); International Finance (BBA), Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA); Business and Management (Ph.D.). For more information, please visit website link:
  3. Question:
    I am interested in applying Taiwan Scholarship. How do I apply?
    Government scholarship are available, please visit this website: for latest guidelines.
  4. Question:
    When will international student apply and what program will be opened?
    STUST operates on a “two-semester” system, with semesters called “Fall” and “Spring”.Fall Semester start on Mid-September to Mid-January. Spring Semester start Mid-February to Mid-June. Application deadline: April 30th for the Fall Semester and December 15th for the Spring Semester. For more detailed information, you can learn through the link:
  5. Question:
    Can I come to STUST to study Chinese?
    You can apply to our Chinese English Language
  6. Question:
    What are the facilities of the dorm?
    One bed, one study desk, wardrobe with restroom inside. You share room with 3 roommates. Kitchenette is at the end of the hall for boys and girls dorm.  More information, please visit:
  7. Question:
    Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets near STUST? Is it hard to get the food near the school?
    Yes, of course. Inside the school, we have canteen on 2nd floor of Dorm 6. Open every Monday-Friday, from morning to evening. There is also 7-11 convenience store and Starbucks coffee inside the school. Outside the school, lots of restaurants and food stalls are nearby.
    There are two Carrefour near STUST, you can reach it by scooter, walk or public transportation. One is in Zhonghua Road and another one is in Zhongzheng Road.
  8. Question:
    If I have any problem in the school, where I can go for help?
    If you have any problem with your room facility, go directly to the front desk in the 1st floor of Dorm 6.
    If you have any problem with your study, try to ask the assistance from the department’s assistant.  
    If you have any problem with administrative issues, please get help at Office of International Affairs (OIA) at L001.
  9. Question:
    If I am sick in Taiwan, what insurance can I get?
    6 months after you get Alien Residence Certificate (ARC), you are eligible to apply nationwide National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme. Every time you go to the hospital or clinic to visit the doctor, use the NHI card to get an insurance coverage.
    OIA will help you to apply a NHI card once you reach the eligibility.