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“Willing to educate qualified students” and “benefiting society and adding to the development of our nation” are lyrics that appear in STUST’s school song, and they were the purposes of establishing this university. The mission of STUST is to pursue academic excellence in both technological fields and in the humanities. Over the past 44 years, with the board of directors and tens of thousands of teachers and students working together, STUST has grown and developed. We are now undoubtedly the leader in terms of private universities of technology in Taiwan. We seek to achieve the following in order to become the top international private university of technology:

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  • To conduct research, be innovative, and pursue excellence.
  • To integrate local resources and increase the opportunities for cooperation between industry and academia in order to develop regional advantages.
  • To recruit outstanding teachers in order to develop major technology and secure national funding.
  • To develop a diversified learning curriculum which places equal emphasis on both the technological sciences and the humanities, thereby creating graduates who are not only well trained and highly qualified but are also upright citizens.
  • To construct and further enhance teaching, learning, and research facilities.
  • To build a free and open education system that focuses on the whole person by promoting creativity, discipline, and cultural literacy, as well as instilling in our students a quest for knowledge that extends into life-long learning.
  • To build a global alumni organization, so that with alumni support the university.