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Trust, justice, sincerity, and honesty are the basic principles of our lives.They are now regarded as the motto of our school.I hope all of us will strive to fulfill them.

Wen-Ping Hsin (February 1977)
The school motto was established by STUST’s first president, Wen-Ping Hsin, in 1969. At that time, the school had just been established and was called Nan-Tai Junior College of Engineering.

Mr. Wen-Ping Hsin, Xiu-qi Wu, Zun-xian Wu and Li-tang Chang were the school’s founders. Mr. Hsin served twenty-years as president (1969-1989) and ten-years as chairman (1989-1999), yet he took no salary and had no fellow workers to help relieve him of duties. In addition, he spent a large sum of his own money and even donated the present teacher-student activity centers: the Wen-Ping Building and the Xi-huan Building. Among other attributes, he was also quite a respectable scholar.

In 1999, in response to a quote about his marriage to Weng-mei Hsin being a “diamond marrage” and that the two of them were the most blessed people in the world, Wen-Ping Hsin said that it was due to trust, justice, sincerity and honesty. He said that while studying in Japan he realized that in dealing with people the most important principles were to not be dishonest, to not forget justice, to not cheat, and to not be a hypocrite. In fact, from these four concepts all the problems in law and economics can be solved.

The gentleman who devoted his life to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology made these four virtues the basis of his own life, so he desired for them to also be at the heart of this school. It was his hope that students at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology embody the school motto, becoming people with strong character.