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Administrative Organization

Board of Trustees
Administrative Organization-Gif's file download The Board of Trustees serves to help The President with school affairs and to promote academic researches.

The Board of Trustees serves to help The President with school affairs and to promote academic researches.

The administrative organization comprises the following executive offices: The Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of General Affairs, Office of Research and Development (with Innovation Incubation Division), Office of International Affairs, Library, Computer and Information Network Center, Center for Development of Teaching and Learning, Extension Education Section, Office of the Secretary, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Military Training Office, and Environmental Safety and Health Office.

The academic organization of STUST is comprised of four colleges and several institutes, including The College of Engineering, College of Business, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Digital Design. Each college has administrative faculty including a dean, who oversees and handles college affairs, one department chair and one institute director for each academic unit, as well as teachers, technicians, TAs, and office staff.

First-Class Center
The teaching and research centers are The Center of General Education, Office for Teacher Education, Language Center, Physical Education Center, Chinese Language Center, Center of Industrial Innovation and Creativity, IC Design and Application Center, Research Center of Biotechnology. Each center is run by its own administrative faculty including one director and office staff.

STUST has the following school meetings: Schools Affairs Meeting, Administration Meeting, Academic Affairs Meeting, Department Affairs Meeting, Student Affairs Meeting, General Affairs Meeting, College Affairs Meeting, and Director Meeting.

STUST has the following committees: College Affairs Development Committee, Fund Auditing Committee, Teacher Evaluation Committee, Student Appeal & Arbitration Committee, Other Committees, and Employee Appeal and Arbitration CommitteeOthers

Affiliated Kindergarten of STUST, Shining Radio Station, Art Center