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Scholarship Q & A
Q1: Where can I find the scholarship information?
A1:All kinds of scholarship information will be updated and posted on the website of STUST English website: 

Q2: When is the deadline for application?
A2: 獎學金申請截止日與申請入學一樣,春季班於每年11月30日前,秋季班於每年5月15前。
A2: Application deadline for scholarship is the same as the application for admission.  For Spring Semester, applicants apply before November 30; for Fall Semester, applicants apply before May 15.

What types of scholarship does the university offer?
A3:  獎學金種類:
              (一) 學雜費全免獎學金。
              (二) 學雜費半免獎學金。
              (一) 學雜費全免、住宿費全免及提供每月獎學金新台幣 10,000 元。
              (二) 學雜費全免、住宿費全免。
A3: Types of Scholarships
       1. Undergraduate
          (1) Tuition waived.
          (2) Half of tuition waived.
       2. Master’s:Tuition waived.
       3. Ph.D.:
          (1) Tuition and dormitory fees waived plus monthly stipend of 10,000 TWD.
          (2) Tuition and dormitory fees waived.

Q4: What things that I have to pay attention to?
1. 於線上申請系統填寫並上傳必備文件,各項欄位請填寫清楚。
2. 繳交畢業證書及成績單。
3. 二封推薦信。
4. 健康檢查。
5. 財力證明
6. 語言證明 (中文授課學程請繳交華語證照三級或漢語檢定六級、英文授課學程繳交英文檢定)
7. 其他:如得獎或比賽的獎狀等。
1. Fill out online application and upload required documents carefully; 
2. Diploma and transcripts; 
3. Two letters of recommendation;
4. Health certificate; 
5. Financial or balance statement 
6. Proof of Language proficiency: TOEFL PBT (minimum 500 or IBT 63), TOEIC (minimum 670) or IELTS (minimum 5.0). If you are pursing any Chinese-taught programs of STUST, TOCFL Band B Level3 in Listening and Reading or HSK Level 6 test report is the minimum requirement; 
7. Others: competition awards or citations that might help you.

Q5: When can I know the admission result of scholarship?
A5: 申請春季班於每年12月上旬公告結果,申請秋季班於每年5月下旬公告結果。
A5: Admission result of scholarship for spring semester will be announced early December and end of May for fall semester each year. 

Q6: I can only apply one item of scholarship?
A6:STUST scholarship for international students are admission scholarship, applicants apply for spring and fall semester, limited to one-time ONLY.  After admission, students can apply through Student Affairs Office for various scholarships with good academic performance. 

More detailed scholarship information, please find the complete STUST scholarship regulations.