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The School Song

In 1977 STUST adopted the song below as its anthem. The founder and former president of the school, Wen-Ping Hsin penned the words of the song, and his sister, Yong-Xiu Hsin, a famous vocal musician, composed the music to accompany the words he had written.

The song’s melody is beautifully light and lively, embodying the youthfulness of the STUST student body. The song gives the impression of the feeling of warm spring breezes, and the progression of the rhythm sounds like many streams converging into a large river. This symbolizes the many departments and colleges forming one university. The lyrics are simple but profoundly meaningful.

school song
The Song’s Writernewspaper clipping
Wen-Ping Hsin was the first president of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and also a former mayor of Tainan City. He also served two-terms as a legislator of the First Legislative Yuan. Having been greatly influenced by his Japanese education, Mr. Hsin devoted every effort to his career and distinguished himself with trust, justice, sincerity, and honesty. In his later years, he dedicated himself to promoting education and made great contributions to STUST.

The Song’s Composer
Yung-Hsiu Hsin received higher education in Japan and graduated from the Department and Graduate School of Vocal Music at Musashino Academia Musicae. In the 1970s’ she attended the international Madame Butterfly opera competition on behalf of Taiwan and came in fifth; the first Asian vocal artist to enjoy such an honor. Her fame soon spread worldwide, and her opera career was launched at that time. Over the years she was invited to judge numerous vocal competitions in Italy, Hungry, and Southeast Asia. In addition to years of commitment to teaching, she is still active in concert tours and planning performances.