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The Tainan city government has built a complete bus service network around the greater Tainan area,  including Yongkang. Currently there are three bus routes to downtown Tainan from STUST. Two of the bus stops are set at the Chi Mei Medical Center, one is at STUST. Click HERE for bus routes information in detail or find more at Tainan City Government website. 

Tainan City Bus Routes Information
Bus No. Route
5 Line Yan-Hang → Ai- Mai Supermarket → STUSTChi-Mei Hospital → Cheng Kung Univ. Hospital → National Cheng Kung Univ. → Tainan Park → Tainan Railway Station → Fort Provintia (Chih Kan Building) → Shin Kong Mistukoshi Department Store → Athletic Park (Municipal Stadium) → Municipal Hospital → Tainan Airport
15 Line Chi-Mei Hospital → Bing-zai Market → Ambassador Theater → Barcley Memorial Park (Municipal Cultural Center) →  Labor Center (Athletic Park / Municipal Baseball Stadium)
H62 Line  Chi-Mei Hospital → Bing-zai Market → Ambassador Theater → Rende Interchange → HSR Tainan Station 
88 Line
(On weekends & holidays)
Tainan Park → Tainan Railway Station → Koxinga's Shrine → Eslite Bookstore → Municipal Cutural Center → Barcley Memorial Park → Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan) → Athletic Park → Confucius Temple (Taiwan Literature Museum) → Fort Provintia (Chih Kan Building) → Tainan City Hall → Eternal Golden Castle → An-ping Harborside Park → Fort Zeelandia → Sunset Platform
99 Line
(On weekends & holidays)
Tainan Park → Tainan Railway Station → Shin Kong Mistukoshi Department Store (Focus Department Store) → Far Easter (Fe21') Department Store (Vieshow Cinema) → Fort Provintia (Chih Kan Building) → Fort Zeelandia → An-ping Tree House → Sze-Cao Bridge → Sze-Cao Eco-cultural Area → Sze-Cao Eco-cultural Village