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Tuition and Fees

Estimated Tuition and Fees
  1. Tuition Fees:
    1. Approximately US$1,850/Semester: College of Engineering and Information Management related departments/programs
    2. Approximately US$1,600/Semester: College of Business; College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  2. Dormitory fees: four person’s university dormitory, each student pays for his/her share of US$1,200 per year. Off-campus housing ranges from US$150 to US$350 per month depends on how many people shares the flat/apartment.

  3. Total Fees:
Total Expenses
No Item Fees Remarks
1 Tuition Fees Approximately  US$3,200 to US$3,700 per year Average US$3,450 depends on your major
2 Dormitory Fees Approximately US$1,200 per year Including summer and winter breaks
3 Textbooks Approximately US$250 per year  
4 Insurance Fees Approximately US$300 per year Compulsory
5 Application Fees for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Approximately US$35 per year Holder of Resident Visa to Taiwan, you need to change to ARC and renew each year
6 Meals, daily commodities, entertainment, etc. Approximately US$3,000 per year  
7 Internet Fees Approximately US$30 One-time fee
8 Computer Lab Fees Approximately US$30 Per semester If taking related courses
9 Language Lab Fees Approximately US$30 Per semester If taking related courses
Total Fees: approximately US$8,300 per year


1. If you receive Tuition Fees Waiver scholarship for master or undergraduate, then you do not have to pay No. 1, but you will be responsible for fees from No. 2 to 9.

2. If you receive Ph.D. scholarship with Tuition Fees waived, Dorm Fees waived, plus monthly stipend of 10,000 TWD (equivalent to US$4,000 per year).  Then you have income of   US$4,000 per year, and you will still be responsible for fees from No. 3 to 9.

3. If receiving government scholarships(DIKTI, BUDI and others), you have to all fees.