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How to Apply Work permit


1.     According to 「Ministry of Education Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan」and for those students who have registered at accredited national or private colleges and universities.

2.     According to 「Regulations Regarding Study and Counselling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan」.

3.     According to 「Regulations Regarding Hong Kong, Macau Residents Undertaking Studies in Taiwan」

 Procedures for Work Permit Online Application

1.     Application Fees: 100 TWD application fees payable to Workforce Development Agency (WDA), you need to fill out Payment Slip at Post Office and put down the following information:

Account Name (in Chinese ONLY):勞動部勞動力發展署聘僱許可收費專戶

Account number: 19058848

        After the clerk at Post Office processes your payment slip and gives you a receipt, then you have to fill out 3 items of information on the receipt online: (a) Date of purchase, (b) Post office branch number, and (c) Business transaction number.  Be aware that the application fees will not enter WDA’s account until next following business day.  Therefore, you can start visiting online the next following day to complete all steps.


2.     The Online Application steps: please visit WDA online application website, to fill out application form and upload photocopy of passport and student ID card (front and back) with enrollment stamp (you can apply at L103-Registration Office).  Online application link: First time user, you need to click APPLY FOR an ACCOUNT, fill out personal database and set up your account and password.  Once you finish, click confirm button in the bottom and use this account and password to log-in again and fill out the empty columns, and click “SEND” to School for Examination.  After Office of International Affairs (OIA) finishes reviewing your application and send to WDA for final review, it takes about 7 working days to process your work permit.  Once OIA receive your work permit, OIA will inform you to come to our office to collect.

3.     Friendly reminder: please be reminded to watch the user videos and go over user manual before you fill out the online application.

Other Information while applying: 

Suggest using Internet Explorer 9.0

Please set your screen resolution at 1920*1080 for a better effect. 

Online System Telephone Service Hours: 8:30 to 12:30 and 13:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday

Online System Customer Service Hotline: 0800-881-339 or (02)2380-1720

Telephone of Workforce Development Agency: (02)89956000

Online System Customer Service E-mail:

Address of Workforce Development Agency: 4F, South Building, No. 439, Zhongping Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24219

Address of Online System Service Center: 10F, No. 39, Section 1, Zhonghua Road,

Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

If you fail to receive response from WDA, please contact:
Office of International Affairs
● Mr. Darby Liao
● TEL:+886-6-2533131 EXT.1601
● Fax:+886-6-3010040
● Mail: