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WHY study at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology?
admissionInternational students choose to study at STUST because of our renowned faculty and the multidisciplinary emphasis of our academic programs. Moreover, STUST is located in Tainan County in a town called Yoang-Kang, which is vibrant with life and energy.

Over the years, STUST has furthered the academic and professional careers of many international students. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for you!

To the left you will find links that will help you with the application process and will tell you more about the specific program you are interested in applying for.

We welcome you to browse our site and consider applying to our great school!

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If you have any questions not covered here or would like more info, please contact:
Office of International Affairs
● Mr. Darby Liao
● TEL:+886-6-2533131 EXT.1601
● Fax:+886-6-3010040
● Mail: