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2019 Curriculum of Bachelor Program in Electrical Engineering
2017 Curriculum of Master Program in Electrical Engineering
2017 Curriculum of PhD in Electrical Engineering
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The Department of Electrical Engineering at STUST has 41 full time faculty members in 3 research groups: Control and IC Design, Power and Information and Biomedical Electronics. The current enrollment is 1312; among them, 18 are pursuing Ph.D. 106 are working towards Master’s degree. The present key research themes are on the development of

  • Intelligent Robots and Assistive Devices
  • Smart Household Information Systems
  • Smart Grid: Hardware and Software
  • Innovative Medical Device Designs

The Department of Electrical Engineering was accredited by The Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association in 2005 and 2009, respectively, and was rated Class One (the highest rating attainable) in both accreditations. Our department was also accredited by The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET), the Taiwanese counterpart of ABET of the United States. IEET is also a Signatory of the Washington Accord.

Electric Standing Aid for the Partially Disabled(Control Design Laboratory)

In this department, we emphasize hands-on experiences and collaborations with the industry in addition to the conventional classroom learning. Constant reflections on the research contents and their meaning in terms of values of innovation, contributions to the industry and impacts to human serve as a main theme of our graduate programs.

EEG Book Turner(Biomedical Electronics(BME) Center)

At present, the Department of Electrical Engineering at STUT features two English taught programs for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, respectively. These two programs were both rated as “Highly Recommended” by an accreditation performed by Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan in 2011. Our international graduate students actively participate in our funded research projects with great performances. 

PhD student N.Maneetien from Thailand won the gold medal(along with team partners) in the 2 world cup of Computer Implemented Inventions.