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International Business Bachelor’s Program

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2017 Curriculum of International Business Program

The College of Business in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology has had a successful experience with English-taught Ph.D. and MBA programs. To share our Taiwanese experience in economic development and management knowledge with international students, the College of Business (COB) in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) will provide a bachelor program of International Business to enrich our COB international community, starting in the fall of 2014.

The COB educational goals are to educate our students as business professionals who have acquired the following abilities that enterprises seek:

  • Professional Capability and skills: COB graduates should have the ability to perform daily operational activities.
  • Critical Analysis and Problem Solving: COB graduates should have the ability to identify and solve problems.
  • Communication: COB graduates should have the ability to effectively express complex issues both orally and in writing.
  • Workplace ethics and concern about society: COB graduates should understand what is a proper working attitude and how to comply with corporate policy.

Following the COB goals, an additional particular education goal of the International Business Bachelor’s Program is to equip students with an international perspective, language capability, and cross-cultural management skills to fulfill the future responsibilities they will face in their careers.

This International Business Bachelor’s Program integrates the teaching resources of the COB. The courses are taught by select specialists from the COB academic faculty. Each instructor has proven excellent performance in teaching, academic research, and industrial projects.

The number of credits for graduation is 128, including:

  • 32 credits in general education: including Mandarin, Taiwan and the World, music appreciation, energy and environment, physical education
  • 59 credits in COB and IB core courses: including accounting, economics, statistics, computer, business ethics, marketing management, financial management, human resource management, production management, international trade, international business management
  • 37 credits in elective courses: including civil law, managerial economics, managerial accounting, investment, e-commerce, foreign exchange, logistics management global industrial analysis, issues on globalization.

Prospective applicants should meet the following language requirement: IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL iBT 63 or higher.

If you want to experience a wonderful college life and learn management knowledge in Taiwan, the International Business Bachelor’s Program at STUST is your best choice. We welcome you to join our ever-growing international community.